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At Northern University Postgraduate professional education is implemented according to RA Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education, procedure approved by the RA Government decision on Admission and Training of Postgraduate education, Formation of doctoral studies and PhD and according to the procedure approved by Northern University.

  • Ը.00.03 "Finance, Accounting"
  • Ժ.01.01 "Armenian Classical Literature"
  • ԺԲ.00.04 "Judical Law"

At Northern University Postgraduate professional education is available for graduates of RA State and accredited by specialties (having institutional accreditation) Non-State Higher Educational Institutions, who has qualification of Master’s degree or specialist degree.

The full load of Postgraduate studies is equivalent to 180 ECTS- credits, which consists of two interconnected parts: educational and research.

The admission committee gives permission to entrant to take the exam in case of a certificate, approving the relevant points from a foreign language and fundamentals informatics and info-communication and (or) in case of reference, as well in case of a written positive review of the professional chair about the scientific paper relevant to the admission specialty or approved list of scientific works published in review journals.

Required minimum points obtained from any of the following foreign languages:

  1. English-''TOEFL'' (iBT) - 46 and ''IELTS''- 5.5 points.
  2. French-''TCF''- 200 points.
  3. German- ''on DaF'' - 60 points

Those entrants for whom English, French or German are professional subjects, pass exam from another foreign language.

The required minimum points from fundamentals of informatics and info-communication are 25 points.

The results of the professional examination are estimated according 20 (twenty) points grading scale. The examination is considered to be passed if the entrant has received at least thirteen points.

The questionnaire of the professional exam which includes the previous degree program material, at least one month before professional exam, is posted at place for announcements at the University and (or) is placed on the official website.

The supreme certifying commission of the republic of Armenia, in 2015 has involved Northern University in the list of the institutions that confirm the themes of the Dissertations on specialty Economics Ը.00.03 Finance and Accounting, and since 2017 January, has permitted to organize a commission at the university for taking the same specialty examination.

Postgraduate entrants, together with the application to Northern University’s Rector, present the following documents:

  • Copies of Bachelor's and Master's or specialist degree diploma and their supplements (for those who have higher education in foreign countries, a document on their educational adequacy)
  • Foreign Language and Fundamentals of Info-Communication subjects attestation Certification or a relevant reference to it(defined by the internal threshold, by score assessment)
  • Copy of at least one scientific work (article) published in selected specialty or scientific paper, at least 20 printed pages
  • CV and 3 photos (3x4 cm size).
  • Reference on labor activity (extract from the employment record, if available).

The entrant presents a passport and a higher education diploma personally.

More detailed information on the order of Postgraduate professional education organization at Northern University can be found on our website – About us- Documents – Regulations.


*Ը.00.03 – includes Ը.00.03 - Finance, Money circulation and Credits, Ը.00.05 – Accounting and Statistics
**Judical Law - includes Litigation, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Criminalistics, Judicial expertise, Advocacy, Theory of operative-intelligence activity.

Regulation for the conduct  of examinations

Regulation for the conduct  of examinations

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