The mission of Northern University is the implementation of scientific-educational activities through the supremacy of the quality of education, the combination of best traditions and international advanced experience, as well as the consolidation of education accessibility, equity, transparency and humanitarian values that aimed at preparing specialists capable to apply the acquired knowledge for economics, management, accounting, law, programming, journalism, philology, psychology and pedagogy education into practice.

Northern University being faithful to his mission, implements the educational process in accordance with the higher institution best traditions, RA legislation and the Bologna process requirements. During the study course, students acquire basic knowledge and skills, develop analytical, communicative and practical qualities.

The University has a three-cycle system of higher education: Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Postgraduate studies.

The University implements Bachelor’s Degree 11, Master’s Degree 10 and Postgraduate 3 academic programs. /Read more/

The ECTS credit system was introduced in Northern University in 2007-2009.

Bachelor's degree academic program’s duration is 4 year, with 240 ECTS-credits, Master's degree academic program is 2 year, with 120 ECTS-credits. The University also has a researcher's (PhD) three-year program of 180 ECTS-credits, with scientific-educational load. /Read more/

Duration of Academic Program

Type of learning


Bachelor’s Degree Academic Program

4 year

8 semester


240 credit

5 year

10 semester


Master’s Degree Academic Program

2 year

4 semester


120 credit

2.5 year

5 semester



3 year

6 semester


180 credit

4 year

8 semester


For encouraging the improvement of the education quality, a system of free and discount studies, and nominal scholarships as well, has been introduced and currently works at the University. The nominee scholarships at the University, are for those students, who has excellent performance, active in social work.

A 100-point assessment/grading scale is used to test and assess effectively the knowledge of the student, who is involved in the curriculum of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, according to the credit system established at the Northern University. The assessment is implemented both letter and numerical grade. /Read more/.

The usage of grading scale gives an opportunity to calculate the earned scores of the students during the whole semester and study period, as well as the Grade Point Average (GPA) for semester and any study period, in order to measure student's absolute progress.

The educational process is controlled by the Department of Education, Professional Chairs, Faculties and Quality Assurance Department.

In order to adapt academic programs to the labor market and society needs, there are effective feedback mechanisms for stakeholders and alumni at the University, which is coordinated by Alumni and Career Center.





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