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International Credit Mobility (ICM) Action of Erasmus+ Programme provides opportunities for STUDENTS as well as STAFF of higher education institutions situated in Partner countries to undertake a learning and/or professional experience in another country. A Higher Education Institution (HEI) located in Armenia, which is a Partner Country, can send its students or staff to a Programme Country HEI, and vice versa. Programme Countries are 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) and 5 Non EU Programme Countries (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey).

Erasmus Mundus – Integration of Neighbouring EasterN Regions through Cooperation in Higher Education (EMINENCE)

The EMINENCE project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus Mundus programme. The Erasmus Mundus programme aims to enhance the quality of higher education and promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through mobility and academic cooperation.

The idea and the acronym of the EMINENCE partnership brings a message that this project targets at “eminence”, understood as distinction, renown, reputation and importance of future project beneficiaries– students and scholars educated abroad who on their return home will contribute to the development of Eastern Partnership countries and societies aspiring to reach European standards.

The EMINENCE project operates within so called Action2: Partnerships with Third Country higher education institutions and scholarships for mobility, which gives support to:

  • higher education institutions that wish to set-up inter-institutional cooperation partnerships between universities from Europe and targeted Third-Countries;
  • individual students, researchers and university staff who wish to spend a study / research / teaching period in one of the universities included in partnerships.

The targeted Third-Countries in EMINENCE project are Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia (these Eastern neighbouring countries belong to the initiative called Eastern Partnership- EaP, benefiting also in other actions within and beyond higher education in the scope of the European Union’s external relations).

 Main characteristics of EMINENCE project

 The objectives of EMINENCE Partnership are:

  • to develop abroad the qualifications of most motivated and talented students and staff and give them international experience , increasing this way their employability at labour market;
  • to promote mobility of Eastern Partnership countries’ students from vulnerable groups in order to obtain qualifications and experience in the EU partner universities;
  • to contribute towards the development of human resources and the international co-operation capacity of higher education institutions in Eastern neighbouring countries through individual mobility, which should not bring only individual benefits but also effect home university and society as a whole;
  • to enhance visibility of EU higher education in Eastern neighbouring countries in general and to facilitate integration into the European Higher Education Area and Bologna process of involved HEIs in this region in particular (in accordance with EU external policy objectives namely with the goals of Platform IV people-to-people cooperation of the Eastern Partnership and the goals of the European Neighbourhood Policy);
  • to create and strengthen lasting links and collaborations between participating HEIs from EU and Eastern neighbouring countries’ that will result in actions and activities after the funding period;
  • to contribute to the mutual enrichment of both EU and Eastern neighbouring countries’ societies by exchange of people, culture, knowledge and ideas.


Arpine Tadevosyan

Arpine Tadevosyan

In 2013, Arpine Tadevosyan, student of Northern University Foreign Language and Literature Faculty, studied one academic year at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology.



Mateusz Benko and Remigiusz Bak

In 2013, Mateusz Benkon and Remigiusz Bak, students from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, continued  2nd year of their Master’s study  at Northern University Journalism faculty, for one academic year.


Artak Petrosyan

Artak Petrosyan

In 2015, Artak Petrosyan, student of Northern University Economics and Management Chair, studied one academic year at Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania, faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


Hasmik Manukyan

In 2015, Hasmik Manukyan, student of Northern University Armenian language, literature and Journalism faculty, got an opportunity to continue her education at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, at Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, for one academic year.


Ewelina 2

Evelina Eberdovska

In 2015, Evelina Eberdovska, student from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, continued her education at Northern University, according to the program developed and compiled by Economics and Management Chair (the courses were organized by the Chair's lecturers in Russian, taking into account the student's wish).

 Nune Srapyan

Nune Srapyan

As a result of the administrative staff mobility competition, Nune Srapyan, the coordinator of Northern University Foreign Relations Department, twice getting a grant, in 2013 was sent to Malmö University in Sweden and in 2014, to Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland and Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania for a month, by experience exchange program.


Anabella Lokonsol

The senior lecturer of Malmö University in Sweden. In 2014, she was hosted at Northern University, for an experience exchange.

 Susanna Harutyunyan

Susanna Harutyunyan

Lecturer of Informatics and Computer Engineering Faculty, candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor. Within the framework of teaching and experience exchange, a one-month period, 07.09.2015-07.10.2015 was hosted at Malmö University, in Sweden.

Harutyun Khalatyan1

Harutyun Khalaatyan

Lecturer at the University of Economics and Management in Northern University.
Within the framework of the cooperation between the Northern University and the Leshne High School of Education in 2018, April 9-13, lectured  at partner University.


Krisrine Rshtuni
The head of the Chair of Romance-Germanic and Russian Philology

Within the framework of the Erasmus + KEY Action 1 program, Northern University signed contract, according to which the mobility of lecturers and students should take place between two universities. Within the framework of the agreement the mobility of a  lecturer was held on February 18-22.
The head of the Chair of Romance-Germanic and Russian Philology, participant of the mobility  program K.Rshtuni had the opportunity to conduct 8 hours of the «Practical English» course with the 4 groups of the I–year students of the Faculty of English Philology, at the University of Rzeszow.

Krzysztof Wesolovski

Krzysztof Wesolovski

Lecturer from Szczecin University of Poland

Within the framework of the «Erasmus +» Key Action 1 Programme during March 19-22, 2019 lessons will be provided  by the lecturer Krzystof Wesolovski from Szczecin University of Poland for  one week.


Announcement of participation in ‘Leszno Erasmus+ Staff Week’

Announcement of participation in ‘Leszno Erasmus+ Staff Week’

Announcement of participation in ‘Leszno Erasmus+ Staff Week’ Dear Colleagues,...

Մրցույթ դասախոսների թափուր հաստիքի համար

Մրցույթ դասախոսների թափուր հաստիքի համար

  Հյուսիսային համալսարանը հայտարարում է մրցույթ դասախոսների թափուր հաստիքի...

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