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Yerevan, December 1-2, 2021.



Northern University organizes an international conference entitled «Issues of Competitive Education and Science in the Ever-Changing World», dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the University on December 1-2, 2021.

            The conference is open to post-graduate students, applicants, lecturers, Ph.D.s of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Artsakh, foreign universities and research centers.

            The areas of the conference are:

  • History,
  • Jurisprudence,
  • Political science and International relations,
  • Oriental Studies
  • Economics,
  • Pedagogy,
  • Psychology,
  • Philology and Journalism.

The article is to correspond to the heading of the conference.

Reviewed articles will be published in a separate collection, and each author will receive a free copy.

All the articles are supposed to have DOI international standard numbers, and after the publication they will be posted on the website of Artsakh E-library (www.artsakhlib.am):

To participate, it is necessary to fill out the application form by November 12, 2021 and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with the provisions of the report (abstracts).

Those who do not have an academic degree, should send the review of the supervisor or the recommendation of the relevant chair along with the application and the provisions of the article,.

Forms of participation in the conference: in-person / in absentia / remote.

Articles can be submitted in Armenian, Russian and English. The working languages are Armenian, Russian and English.

Reports in foreign languages will be accompanied by simultaneous interpretation.

The technical requirements for the article are:

  1. Authors are to use Microsoft Word 2003 when compiling the article;
  2. Sylfaen font is to be used in Armenian articles, whereas Times New Roman font is required in Russian and English texts.
  3. Articles must constitute 8-15 pages, summaries inclusive.
  4. The headline must be written in the middle of the first page of the article in 13 pt (Bold); the author's first and last names are written in 13 pt (Bold) on the line below, in the middle of the page.
  5. On the line below the author's degree, title (if available), place of work, position (without abbreviations), city and country are to be given. The author's e-mail address is given on the line below.
  6. Leaving a line, the summary of the article (annotation, abstract) is to be written in 12 pt font, Italic, Bold; the goals, objectives, methods of the research, as well as the main conclusions of the author are to be formulated within 70-100 words in the summary. The summary must be a stand-alone text that states the main results of the research. The sentences of the article must not be repeated word for word  in  the summary,
  7. Leaving a line, it is necessary to write "Keywords" and give 7-10 keywords,
  8. The text should be aligned on both sides. Start paragraphs 1 cm deep using TAB,
  9. Page format: 170 * 240 mm, margins from all sides: 20 mm,
  10. The main text is written in 12 pt font size, the line spacing is 1.15,
  11. Summaries in two other languages different from the one the article is written in are to be attached; the former must be the translation of the initial part of the article (from the headline up to the keywords inclusive) and given after the main text;
  12. References are given in footnotes in 10 pt font size, line spacing is 1. A reference must include the first letter of the author's last name (Bold), the article headline, the volume, the place of publication, the year and the page (s),
  13. All the pages of the article must be numbered at the bottom (middle) of the page.

Articles not meeting the requirements will not be reviewed.

Accommodation costs are covered by the participants or the sending organization.            

Conference Organizing Committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Rector of Northern University, Ph.D in Economics Mher Boris Makichyan,

 Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Head of the Center of Scientific Research, Innovation Programs and Postgraduate Professional Education of Northern University, Ph.D in Law, Associate Professor Avetik Hamlet Harutyunyan

Telephone ՝ (+374) 10 55-41-35, (+374) 55 27-77-55.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

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