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             Toumanyan's breath and spirit at the "Tumanyan" branch in Alaverdi

2019 was announced as Tumanyan’s year due to his 150th anniversary.

During the whole year  Northern University will launch interesting and meaningful events at  Tumanyan branch of Alaverdi as well, contributing to the activation of the cultural life of the region.

The launch of the events was made event at the the large hall of "Tumanyan" branch   on March 21, with the  solemn ceremony dedicated to “The Poet  of All Armenians ”titled "Northern University is  faithful to Tumanyan Messages".

For participating in the solemn ceremony the delegation from Yerevan branch consisting of lecturers, administrative staff, pupils of high school, director and teachers with the lead of the rector of university B. Makichyan left for Alaverdi.

The opening speech was made by B. Makichyan, who presented the work done over the past ten years in the sphere of Tumanyan Studies.

The Head of the Journalism  and Public relations of Northern University G. Hakobyan presented  "Tumanyan-150" Action Plan, indicating  the initiatives that have already been implemented.

It is worth mentioning that the Head of Alaverdi Community Sasun Khechumyan, the Head of the Chair of Armenian Language and Medical Terminology at the State Medical University named  after Mkh. Heratsi,  Associate Professor, Henrietta Sukiasyan also welcomed the guests.

With  "Tumanyan-150" Commemorative Medal were awarded  S. Khechumyan, teacher of Armenian and Armenian literature of high school  N. Poghosyan, "Tumanyan" branch (director A. Makichyan), editorial office of "Tumanyan World" newspaper,  the Head of "Lazur" folk instruments ensemble of Alaverdi S. Alexanyan.

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        Lecturer Krzysztof Wesolovski from Szczecin University of Poland will perform lessons at Northern University

From the period of March 19-22,  within the framework of the «Erasmus +» Key Action 1 Programme lecturer Krzystof Wesolovski from Szczecin University of Poland will  conduct 8 hours-4 lessons of the «International transport law» course with the third and fourth year students of the faculty of law. The course was chosen by the University of Szczecin .  Content of the teaching programme includes: ”The development of the international transport  law”, “The place of international transport conventions within the legal system”, “The scope of regulation of the international transport conventions” and “The protections of passengers in the EU law”. The course held in English will be translated  into Armenian.

On March 19, Krzystof Wesolovski  was warmly welcomed by the leading personnel of university. The rector of the university mentioned that he appreciated interinstitutional mobilities between universities  as it  was an excellent opportunity to test one’s professional skills and competences in entirely new conditions.

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The beginning of the academic year of 2018 was highlighted by the new cooperation proposal.

Within the framework of the Erasmus + KEY Action 1 program, Northern University signed contract, according to which the mobility of lecturers and students should take place between two universities.

Within the framework of the agreement the mobility of a  lecturer was held on February 18-22.

The head of the Chair of Romance-Germanic and Russian Philology, participant of the mobility  program Ch.Rshtuni shared her impressions. “Within the framework of the «Erasmus +» Key Action 1 Programme I had the opportunity to conduct 8 hours(4 lessons) of the «Practical English» course with the 4 groups (each group consisting of 20 students) of the I–year students of the Faculty of English Philology, at the University of Rzeszow. The course was chosen by the University of Rzeszow and thereon relative materials were prepared on the following topics - «Appearances and characters», «Traditions», «Education» և «Men & Women, People & Power» with the component of intercultural communication. Each of the lessons comprised the following sections: reading, discussion, writing/grammar and listening-aiming at checking the students’ listening skills. The auditorium was equipped with whiteboard, projector, as well as a notebook was provided for listening. I should mention that I experienced warm welcome and friendly attitude of the relevant staff members of the University, as well as I had their support in every matter.

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