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(the events dedicated to Tumanyan have been launched at Northern University)

The Tumanyan commemoration year was launched on  February  20 on the occasion of his 150th anniversary.  The spirit of “The poet of all Armenians” was felt   in a crowded hall full of  students, lecturers and guests.

Rector B. Makichyan opened the ceremony stating “It is Impossible to appreciate the activity of Tumanyan within the boundaries of one article or a speech as the importance of his literary and public activity is immeasurable for Armenians. He became the leader and the driving force of the literary life of his period, the statesman of state without statehood ".

Being a brilliant intellectual, living with the problems of Armenians, he had a great participation in all the spheres of public life, predicting the upcoming process of Armenian literature.

In his public speeches, interviews, and publicist articles, Tumanyan has always touched upon the issues of organizing education of Armenian youth as a guarantee of our people's progress".

It is necessary to mention that the vice-president of the National Assembly Vahe Enfiajyan,  the head of the chair of Armenian language and medical terminology of Yerevan State Medical University named after Heriatsi, associate professor Henrietta Sukiasyan, the  principal of high school of Northern University  Armine Sargsyan and others made speeches during the  event.


Tumanyan 150

Today on the occasion of the 150th  anniversary of H. Tumanyan, the lecturers and students of Northern University, led  by the rector of B. Makichyan , with  participation of the head of "Lori Gorge" NGO S. Eritsyan and the head of the the Union of Writers of Armenia Edward Militonyan laid a wreath at the monument of Hovhannes Tumnayna at Liberty Square.

Greeting the participants, Rector B. Makichyan mentioned that the activity of VERNATUN scientific (presently scientific and cultural) center of Tumanyan in Northern University (created in 2009) was aimed at the study of the life and work of “The Poet of All Armenians”, as well as the spread of his spiritual heritage. Besides every memorable episode of Tumanyan's life is celebrated at the university  with unique brilliance.

In his speech B. Makichyan touched upon the events initiated by the university, especially highlighting the foundation of the “Tumanyan-150” anniversary commemorative medal (it will be given to the people having a significant contribution to  the sphere of Tumanyan’s studies), the publication of the "Northern University" official pamphlet "Tumanyan-150" and students' visit to Tumanyan's house-museum in Dsegh.

 By the way, on February 19 during the solemn ceremony of the events of Tumanyan’s 150th  anniversary, in the village of Dsegh, some people will be  awarded  with “Tumanyan-150” medal of Northern University. Among them are the head of the the Union of Writers of Armenia Edward Militonyan, philanthropist  Gagik Tsarukyan,the museums of Tumanyan both of Yerevan and of Dsegh. It is necessary to state that the  deputy of National Assembly Vahe Enfiajyan, the head of the Center for Scientific Research, Innovative Programs and Post-Graduate Professional Education of Northern University G. Asatryan together with the head of  University's Media  & Public Relations department  G. Hakobyan will be awarded  on February 20 at Northern University during the ceremony dedicated to  Tumanyan’s 150th  anniversary.

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The "open" class is conducted by Economics faculty students

At universities instead of tests, begin to spread widely “open” class-slide show presentations, in which students from different courses, lecturers and representatives from administrative staff participate. This time the "open" class-test was in the framework of the "Adoption of Managerial works" subject, by the lecturer and author of the initiative, Hayas Hakobyan.Conducting the test in such a way,  gives students an opportunity to manage  the materials of the  course wholly,  because each presentation includes several full topics.This form of test is effective, because students, following the work of others, also learn other subjects just during the test.

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