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On February 19, 2019, all Armenians will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the great Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan.

Nona Poghosyan, a teacher of Armenian Language and Literature at Northern University High School, on November 21 organized a beautiful event dedicated to the All-Armenian  poet Hovhannes Tumanyan.

During the event,  speeches and poems were sounded  dedicated to the great writer, Tumanyan's life and literary activities were presented.  Pupils touched upon the genre of the quartets. poems and quartets, fragments from the poem “The Capture of Tmkaberd”, songs, dances and music were presented as well. The Tumanyan’s  spirit was blowing  up in the hall.  The festive, informative, and exciting event was a great pleasure for all those present.

Tumanyan, live and be eternal in our souls so that we remain immortal,  We,  as followers of your mission,  proud beings and worshipers who admire  you ...


                                   Trainings for Moodle program distance learning are continuing

Northern University continues the organization of  the Distance learning courses combined with distance learning technologies “ grant program trainings,  within the framework of the  RA Higher Education Competitive Innovation Fund,  during  of which for the University's teaching and administrative staff  trainings  on distance learning Moodle program are implemented.

The aim of the project is to teach distance learning courses in the provinces (particularly in the Lori region), by   distance learning methodology, thereby creating an equal quality education service in the capital and in the remote regions of the country.

Training sessions are aimed at acquaint participant-educators with advanced learning technologies, distance learning features, and online communication rules, as well as directing Moodle's core flexible training courses, investing in all types of activities, educational content and multimedia resources.

We can add, that   Moodle can be used for online courses, as well as mixed-type teaching, where classroom work   is complemented by a  wide range of digital content.

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On October 22, the teaching staff and students of  Northern University High School, with great joy and enthusiasm, celebrated the 2800th anniversary of the world-spread Armenian capital- Yerevan. The City of the Sun-Yerevan,  is our native home, the homeland of our  children. The participants put love, effort, energy, mood, and soul in the celebration of the ceremony. The day turned into a real celebration. The colorful event was full of exciting speeches, songs, dances and music. The pupils  presented the history  of Yerevan's foundation with love, kindness, warmth and devotion, dedicated to our pinky beauty   wonderful poetry, which was a pleasure and great satisfaction for those present.

Let’s wish  the capital of all Armenians –Yerevan, peace, poweer, strengthening and prosperity.


On November 2, the freshmen from  Northern University Medical College (the head of the course is Alla Mkrtchyan), headed by the Russian-language lecturer Knarik Jilavyan, organized a tea ceremony in the framework of the "Russian Days  in Armenia". The students presented what traditions are related to tea, and then started to dance under the sounds of Russian folk music. The celebration ended with a beautifully-organized hospitality, during which especially  impressive was samovar , which is a symbol of traditional tea ceremony.

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