On March 20 of 2018, the Northern University was granted  the Institutional Accreditation for a 4-year period by  ANQA, which is the best assessment for  the university’s passed way,  its serious contribution to education, and the development of the sphere.

On May 7, during the event organized at Northern University, the latter was granted the Institutional accreditation certificate by  the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation.

It should be noted that the university is currently the only educational institution in the country which has received three accreditation (in 2001- termless, in 2015-conditionally  for 2-year period, and in  March 2018- full institutional accreditation), at the same time contributing to the appreciation of the accreditation idea and to the process's development throughout the Republic.


“International Youth Studies:Curricula, Distance Learning Course and Open Educational Materials’’
4-day international conference

On April 20-23,  Northern University took part in the  “International Youth Studies:Curricula, Distance Learning Course and Open Educational Materials’’ 4-day international conference, which was  initiated by the RA National Academy of Sciences and  Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia.

The aim of the project is to promote the recognition of  youth work and non-formal education and to have a Master's  degree distance learning course elaborated in 2019.

During the opening  ceremony of the conference, Professor Armen Tshuguryan, Head of  Northern University   “Economics and Management” Chair, had a speech on  issues  of distance learning in the context of youth work.

2-4 representatives from Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia have participated in the project, who are mostly representatives of youth organizations.

During the next 3 days of the conference the informal part of the program was held, during which,   teamwork activities referred to  the personal requirements of the youth worker, and to the expected course  modules as well.

The next activities of the international conference will take place in Georgia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belgium.


The Armenian and Russian economists had meeting over the economic situation of EAEU on May 10, 2019.

At the meeting the Armenian side was represented by the head of the Chair of Economics

of  Northern University, professor Armen Tchughuryan, Associate Professor Hrayr Hanisyan and others, from the Russian side Economists of the Russian Economic University after Plekhanov Artak Grigoryan and Grigor Grigoryan were present. All the participants of the meeting emphasized  the high rates of trade volumes between the EAEU member states.

In general, the commodity turnover of Armenia with EAEU member states in 2018 has  increased by 12.8 percent, moreover, export has increased more than import. 

Armenia's commodity turnover comprised 1.1% of EAEU commodity turnover.


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Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

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