dasIt has been several years that in the academic  programs of the University’s  different faculties  rather interesting course has been included, aimed at   speech development and oral communication improvement.

stres “One  should live a life, which will make others to  fall into stress”. Who is following this helpful advice? Almost no one. Sometimes even an   impression is created that all of us are guided by another slogan: stress is  the sense of our life.


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Within the framework of the Armenian Innovation Competitiveness Foundation (CIF), on December 23, 2016  the " Distance learning courses combined with distance learning technologies ", signed between the "Center for Educational Programs" and the Northern University, was launched.

The goal of the project is to promote the development of distance learning in Armenia and to provide  higher education in the regions through balanced  development of educational services and the use of modern information technologies.

The implementation of the project is planned in 4 stages, within 20 months. The first phase of the project is coming to an end (from January 1 to June 30), during which new laboratories with appropriate furnishing and computer equipment were established both in Alaverdi branch of  Northern University and  in Yerevan.

In the second phase of the Action Plan, activities will be launched in the direction of transformation of the electronic textbooks of the training materials of distance learning, elaboration of methodological manuals  and transformation of the university's website (from where access to the distance learning platform will be available).

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Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանի և Իսպանիայի Սևիլիայի համալսարանի միջև Էրազմուս+ համագոր...

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը հայտարարում է մրցույթ դասախոսի թափուր հաստիքի համար


Հյուսիսային համալսարանը հայտարարում է մրցույթ դասախոսի թափուր հաստիքի համար...