Northern University  Scientific Research, Innovative Programs and Postgraduate Professional Education Center is an independent  structural subdivision of the University.

The aim of the Center is:

  1. Strengthening the role of scientific work as an important component of the University's activity, activation of scientific-research and scientific-methodological work implemented at the University, increasing their quality and effectiveness,
  1. Discovering the scientific and intellectual potential of the  University academic staff, students its rational and targeted use, active involvement of this potential in scientific research and scientific-methodological work, implemented at the University
  1. More active involvement of various departments and divisions of the university in the organization of scientific work implementation at the university
  1. Providing interconnection between scientific-research, scientific-methodological and academic programs, introduction of the practical results of  researches in the educational process

The objectives of the Center are:

  • Activation of the University's scientific-research activities, ensuring targeted management of that activity, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of scientific research,
  • Development, discussion and approval of current (annual) and perspective programs of the University scientific-research and scientific- methodological activities, organization of their practical implementation,
  • Direction and coordination of the University Chairs’ scientific-research and scientific-methodological activities,
  • Coordinating scientific research work of the Chairs, strengthening their scientific cooperation, enhancing  interdisciplinary connections, organizing joint research of important scientific issues, initiating and implementing interdisciplinary research,
  • rapprochement and interconnection of educational and research activities,
  • identification and use of ways to increase the effectiveness of scientific research work,
  • enhancing the practical orientation of scientific research, the commercialization and marketing of the research results, the introduction of a fund-raising principle of science at the university,
  • Increasing the socio-economic effectiveness of scientific research activities,
  • Finding grant programs and research organization
  • Establishment and deepening of scientific cooperation with colleagues from foreign universities, research centers and other organizations,
  • Organization of creative discussions on the most important and urgent problems of international, republican and inter-university conferences, symposiums, round tables, science and practice at the University, registration of the active participation of university professors, post-graduate students and students
  • organization of creative discussions on the most important and urgent issues of science and practice, organization of international, republican and inter-university conferences, symposiums, round tables as well, ensuring active participation of the University academic staff, post-graduate students and students,
  • Exemplary implementation of postgraduate professional education, improvement of educational programs, modernization and enrichment of education content, increasing the quality and effectiveness of the provided educational services, strengthening international and national university relations in the field of post-graduate vocational education and development of cooperation.

The Alumni and Career Center
is an independent structural subdivision of  Northern University, the main aim of which  is to contribute to the development of University students’ and graduates’ competitiveness in the labor market, to strengthen the permanent relationship and cooperation  between the graduates and the University, and to regulate the links  between the University and employers.


The Center's functions are following:

  • Identification and analysis of strategic and organizational issues related to the employment of the University students and alumni, preparation and presentation of the relevant programs to the Rector of Northern University, and  participation in the implementation of these programs as well,
  • Organization of cooperation with public and private organizations dealing with employment issues in public and private sectors, as well as with various foundations, international donor institutions and with other organizations,
  • Development of proposals, programs and implementation of relevant activities on voluntary work, trainings and other modern forms and means of obtaining experience,
  • organization of various exhibitions (namely, "job fair", "career day" etc.), meetings with employers, organizations’ presentation, enterprises excursions mutual visits and other events
  • Signing agreements and memorandums with potential employers, different organizations, ensuring their implementation,
  • Organization of sociological surveys and other studies on the  prior demands of  the state, private, international and other employer organizations and on their development trends, prospects of labor market development, the demand of  the students in the labor market, current professions and other employment-related issues among alumni and students,
  • Presentations of reports and recommendations in accordance with the Rectorate and the Scientific Council of Northern University,
  • Analysis of the information on the activities carried out by the faculties, chairs and other subdivisions of Northern University, as well as  dealing with the center's issues, development of  commonly-coordinated approaches and programs,
  • Organization of meetings and roundtables for graduates and students, as well as alumni gatherings.



Administrative staff:

Kristine Gevorgyan
Head of the Alumni and Career Center
E-mail:՝ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:. ՝ (+374 10) 554862

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