Quality  Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department is an independent  structural subdivision  of the University. The mission of the department  is to support the University's quality assurance culture, introduction of a comprehensive quality management system, to provide oversight, assessment and improvement mechanisms for the implementation of strategic priorities of the university, and to promote quality improvement  of professional  education.


Department’s Objectives:

  • Creation of prerequisites for passing to total quality assurance system, formation of local quality assurance structures at the University’s subdivisions/faculties, chairs/,
  • Ensure the introduction and implementation of innovative technologies in quality management,
  • Effective control of implementation of University mission and strategic purposes, continuous monitoring of ongoing processes, formation of mechanisms and tools of  evaluation, establishment of improvement programs,
  • Market-oriented PAP formation, their compliance with similar programs, student mobility, formation of effective mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating student mobility,
  • Establishment of effective mechanisms of research and innovative programs development, evaluation and review.
  • Creation of tools for development of external relations and internationalization and monitoring and evaluation processes,
  • Providing accountability about the University activity
  • Providing cooperation with external evaluation bodies
  • Coordination of institutional and program self-evaluation works of the University, support to  external assessment and accreditation processes.

Working Staff:
Head of Department: Susanna Avagyan

Department Specialist: Ani Aleksanyan

Junior specialist: Lilit Khechumyan


Tel.: (+374 10) 554056
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Department

 Northern University Education Department is an independent structural subdivision.
 The University Education Department includes:

           a) Educational-methodological department

           b)  Internship Department

Issues and functions of the University Education Department:

  1. Study and analysis of normative documents and methodological guidelines of higher education
  2. Planning and organization of educational process in two-cycle system (full-time and part-time)
  3. Creating and developing curricula appropriate to new specialties and standards
  4. Organization of work on developing, approving , systematic upgrading and modernizing of subject syllabus   taught at the University
  5. Assistance in defining the academic load and implementing lessons classification by the chairs
  6. Assistance in designing timetable of academic studies  for each semester, which is done by deans
  7. Summary and analysis of examinations results during every semester
  8. Forming and supervising the schedule of students’ knowledge quality intermediate control
  9. Supervision of the University another branch  and departments works, ensuring unified system
  10. Analysis of the level of educational-methodological literature of the educational process and presentation of the University management recommendation   in that direction
  11. Ensuring continuous information on the activities of the University on its website
  12. Organizes the educational, industrial, and final internships of the University students in accordance with the "Regulation on Organizing Professional Practice of Students"
  13. Makes improvements in the internship programs of the taught specialties at the University, and regulates necessary documents.

Tel: (+374 10) 552139


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