The library of Northern University was established in 1996 and it  operates according to the University charter. It serves all students and lecturer staff. Over the years, the library has been replenished with both professional and fiction books (about 10.000 books). The available literature is classified by units- legal, economic, pedagogical, informatics, literary, linguistic, foreign languages, fiction books and school textbooks. An inter-librarian agreements were signed  with National Library and Khnko-Aper  Library, in order  to satisfy each year  growing demand of  readers.

The library is regularly replenished   with books, purchased by the University and with books  donated by students and lecturers.

The library helps  students in a  selection of  literature, and  informs about  news as well.

Julieta Poghosyan
Tel: (37410) 55 97 76


Մրցույթ ՏՏ մասնագետի թափուր պաշտոնի համար

Մրցույթ ՏՏ մասնագետի  թափուր  պաշտոնի համար

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը հայտարարում է մրցույթ ՏՏ մասնագետի  թափուր &n...

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online open lecture


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