Northern University Scientific Council is a collegial body for planning, coordinating and regulating the University's methodological, research and scientific-technical activities, which is formed by the representatives of the University professors and students (students, aspirants) staff and General board of the shareholders.


Scientific Council

  • approves it regulations,
  • discusses and approves academic programs,
  • discusses important issues related to the improvement of educational process management and its effectiveness,
  • examines and approves the University’s prospective development plans,
  • confirms the charters of the University structural subdivisions,
  • confirms the election procedure of the deans of faculties, the heads of chairs and academic staff,
  • discusses the outcomes of educational process, students' educational, professional and final internships, and makes recommendations for their improvement,
  • confirms the tuition fee by the Rector’s presentation,
  • develops and implements measures aimed at strengthening and developing the University's educational resource base,
  • listens to the faculties, chairs and university other subdivisions heads’ reports on educational and ideological-discipline works and their improvement measures,
  • discusses the reports of the head of the Center for scientific research, innovation programs and postgraduate professional education and heads of chairs, the outcomes of research and scientific-methodological work, implemented in the University,
  • listens to the reports of Faculty deans, University graduates and head of Alumni center, concerning communications with the graduates, and develops measures directed to further improvement of specialists making process,
  • discusses, guarantees for publication monographs, textbooks, educational manuals, collections and other materials,
  • grants professors and associate professors scientific titles, and represents to the approval of the Supreme Certifying commission of the republic of Armenia, makes decisions concerning giving honorary titles, “University’s best friend” title, defining awards, nominal scholarships, rewarding with the University Commemorative Medal.

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Ուշադրություն!! Հյուսիսային համալսարանի և Իսպանիայի Սևիլիայի համալսարանի միջև Է...

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանի և Իսպանիայի Սևիլիայի համալսարանի միջև Էրազմուս+ համագոր...